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“Au au AAUU,” the slave girl suddenly shouts while she has just urged her master to give her lazer than ever before.
“What do you want me to do first, I have to give you even more extremes and less than a minute later you are whining like a little child.
“Suddenly I have terrible stitches in my back from probably a kidney stone I have that is irritating anyway. It’s not because of the punishments you give me,” the slave girl answers while she puts her hand on the sore spot.
The master is frightened but realizes that she is not playing it and decides to take her to the doctor’s post. There it soon turns out that it is indeed her kidney stone. A week later, the stone is urinated out and when that happens, the slave girl suddenly lies down on her master’s knee while she is watching television.
“My ass is ready to get a hefty punishment, master.”
Then the master pulls the pants and panties off her ass and starts hitting her harder and harder.
“Repeat my words running bitch. I am a disobedient slut and deserve a bright red glowing ass and every time I can sit normally I have to get back on my lazer no matter where or when.”
“I am a disobedient slut and deserve a bright red glowing ass and every time I can sit normally I need to get back on my lazer no matter where or when.”
After a good quarter of an hour, her ass is red-hot from the punishments and she has to cook in her bare ass while being humiliated.

Two days later it turns out that the slave girl’s ass is a lot less painful. Her master has discovered a restaurant where the women have to sit with their bare ass on the wooden chair. When it turns out that the slave girl’s butt is so much less painful that she can even handle it, she is forced out of nowhere to ask the waiter for a table where no one can see her and her master.
Within five minutes it is settled. The slave girl doesn’t realize that although she can’t see them, she can hear them. She has to have her ass inspected. During the examination for color and pain she gets twenty-five hard blows without warning and has to squeeze herself in her thick breasts.
“So there we finally have a nice little girl who gets a big beating on her ass from her master”. The slave girl is frightened when she hears that.
“We also have some nice attributes to punish disobedient sluts if I can film you beating her ass red-hot you can use them at my expense”.
“Of course I can’t turn down that offer,” the master cuts off his slave girl’s protests.
When the attributes are obtained, the slave girl is pushed over the table and her master starts to red-hot her ass while she is being filmed by the waiter. “Pain your thick breasts slut,” the master suddenly snarls and forces her to undress herself completely. The waiter, also horny as hell, suddenly grabs the slave girl by her breasts and puts a clamp on both of them.
After the master has used all the attributes on his slave girl she has to go out in her bare ass and just before the entrance of the restaurant the waiter pushes his dick in her ass. “See you in the morning,” he cuts. Then the master and his slave girl come into the restaurant every other day and become guests of honor.

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