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I will introduce myself I am Herman I am just 19 years old and was kidnapped by a group of men around 40 when we arrived at a remote place I was stripped of all my clothes I was terrified and didn’t know what to expect. But I would soon find out and two old bitches came in and the men were laughing in common. Both ladies were late 70 to 80 the ladies undressed and one of the men said in threatening tone that I had to get down on my knees in front of the ladies and lick the pussy smelling of piss. When I refused I felt a cold rod being pushed into my arse. And I got a current punch in my ass I screamed it out of another man hit me with a whip and she licked me otherwise it only got more painful. So obedient I seem to be the two old pussies. The ladies apparently enjoyed it very much and pressed my head even deeper to that dirty old pussy. One of the men I heard say grandma piss but nice in you slave his mouth he will get used to the fact that you and your girlfriend they are mistresses if not I hang him on a couple of meat chops and he laughed sneakily I licked or my life depended on it. After I had finished the first old woman I had to start working with the other old woman but she pissed me full in my mouth meanwhile I felt how something was being pushed in my butt again it was quite big and thick it hurt terribly but was not allowed and couldn’t stop licking that old plum. I also felt that the other old lady started pulling my dick in no time and it was stiff. Zee pulled my hair and she that I had to penetrate that old pussy I pushed my dick into that old pussy and with what they had stuck in my ass they set the pace when I had to fuck her when I finished in her I got the order to lick him clean and also lick her anus so that I could fuck it after one of the men had taken his dick out of his pants and pulled me by the hair to his thick pole and hit him in my throat. I felt dirty and abused when they were done with me. I was locked up in a small room so they could use me again later.

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