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Since I married Martin to Ankie, we have been living temporarily with my mother-in-law Anja, for lack of money. Anja is a divorced woman of 45 years, and she still has a divine body, so divine that sometimes I dream that I am in bed with her instead of with Ankie, which by the way is also a nice female, keep me too good. But her mother has been horny since I saw her when I first met her. Yes, because she lives in a row of houses, you can’t miss each other, which I don’t want either. Every time I bump into her, literally but most of all figuratively. It’s wonderful when she runs into me with her horny body, anywhere in the house. And according to me Anja has the same feelings for me as I have for her, but of course she can’t do that to her daughter. And the hottest days are the Saturdays, when Ankie still has to work and I am at home alone with her.

Coincidentally last Saturday, mother and daughter both had to work and I had free rein, after breakfast, I’m going to take a shower, half an hour earlier my mother-in-law had also showered and the bathroom was still nice and warm. I want to throw my dirty panties in the laundry basket and see the little panties of Anja, lying on top, with her bra. They were still warm. I get so horny, grab the panties and bra and smell them, the lovely horny women air fills my nostrils. I lick the cross in my panties that smells of pee and feel the front pill running into my own panties. So I decide to jerk off with the panties in my hand and the bra under my nose, I jerk off. I’m almost there, and behind me I hear “HmmmHmmm, nice and sure”. I turn around and look into the pretty face of Anja, my mother-in-law. “So, Martin, my daughter doesn’t have enough of you smelling my underwear and jerking off, come here and I’ll help you” and she pulls the panties out of my hand, gets down on her knees in front of me and takes my hard penis in her mouth. I squirt her mouth full and full of shame I confess to her that her panties I’m wearing excite me enormously. “Why don’t you ask, Martin, then you can lick whatever you want, if you lick my pussy right away, we’re both satisfied. “, And Anja stands up and spontaneously drops her panties and offers me her hairy, wet pussy. “Come on Martin, lick.” Totally perplexed by her frankness, I grab her and give her a fiery kiss on her mouth, which immediately receives my tongue. My hand glides over her hard busts to her hairy pussy, where after some cuddling through her blond carnal hair I discover a big clit. “Oh, Martin, gently rub my clit, oh how horny this makes me, yes go on sweetie, mommy is almost ready” And because she called herself MAMA, I get even more excited and feel that I am going to come. And yes, after her experienced hands touch my balls, lick the seed runs over her hands. “Oh, boy, are you fast, too fast actually, but wait, MAMA, makes Martin’s cock so stiff again, maybe you want to fuck Mama too? Yes”. And while she licks her one hand, the other hand goes to my penis and she gently massages it, well even without her hands it would have become stiff, for sure. “Come on, just a quick one, darling, on the bed.

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