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Hey I’m Nina 18 years old (just 2 weeks now) I have blond half long hair and green-grey eyes. I have bra cup b and am full bodied. I want to share my story because I thought it was really horny (it really happened!!!!)

I was called to the director’s office while I was in math (I’m in HBO) so I thought about why but I walked over there in my pink short dress. I knocked on the door, “inside!” I was called there. I step inside and there’s my stepdad?!
Because of this must be very bad they both look at me angry….
“Nina, sit down.” Says the director.
I asked why I was there because I still didn’t know.

The director answers: “I just talked about it with your stepfather and….”.

“Your grades are really going down…” complements my stepfather.
I’m scared : is it really that bad? I think to myself
“M. Johnsen thinks you should be suspended because you are bringing down the school average…” my stepfather says.

“No!” I shouted “I’ll do anything as long as I don’t get suspended!”
The director of about 30 said: “really everything?”

“Yes!” I shouted half whining.

“I know it’s well made!” Says the director.

I look at him questioningly.
“Blow us both!”

Me and my stepfather look shocked.
But I have to… so I walk up to him and open his zipper, I get down on my knees and he drops his pants. He was already a bit stiff by the looks of it he’s pretty big, I notice I’m getting horny. I start licking the acorn and slowly I start sucking deeper and deeper. Until he comes down my throat. I almost suffocated but swallowed everything neatly like a real lady.
I turn around and see that my stepfather is jerking off I crawl to it and take that jerk in my mouth.
I suck it very fast. And then I feel something in my ass a fierce pain, I turn around the director took me anal. It hurt but it was delicious. Then my stepfather said: “I want to get in your pussy!
So the director takes him out, he grows me on the table and my stepfather starts to fuck me while Mr. Johnsen stretches my dress and starts playing with my breasts first a little squeeze then suck and then massage.
And then my stepfather comes inside me I come at the same time as him.
I put my dress back on, me and my stepfather shake the hand of the principal and went home since the school was already out.

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